Saturday, June 18, 2011

2 Freebie Etsy Banners

Well, in our house we have the cable, internet, phone bundle. Well, my son is playing video games live with his friend from school, so when I do things online it messes up the game. This is usually the time that I will create my digital freebies as it won't interfere with anything. He has time limits on his gaming, but still, I do have an hour to play around :D

So today, while he has playing with his friend, I created two etsy banners. They measure 760 X 100 for the standard etsy size, so all you have to do is right click and choose save. Open them in another program, and add your text if you'd like. If there is a certain design that you are looking for, let me know! I would love to create a request (and of course, for free!) - It'll give me something to do for that long hour, lol. Okay, enough rambling, here are the two free etsy banners:

Hope everyone is having a wonderful saturday, and I am sure these won't be the last freebies for the day! lol


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