Monday, June 6, 2011

25 Scrapbooking Tips

25 Scrapbooking Tips

1. You can create your own custom die cuts by cutting out images such as hearts, flowers and more from packaging. If they are too thin, I always attach to a thicker cardboard and use this for effect. 

2. Want a great background? Cut a patterned paper into a shape and place it onto the background. Use anything around you if you would like to help you make the shape. Alot of times I will grab a plate to make a circle for example. But you can use cups, bowls, etc. 

3. Take an envelope and decorate it. Use this to tuck journaling into. Tags, letters and more. 

4. Tie ribbon around your photos (or string, etc.)

5. Have fun and mix up your fonts.

6. Use brads to hold down ribbons instead of double sided tape or glue dots.

7. To create a pretty border, punch holes and then weave your ribbon or lace through.

8. Remember, buttons look beautiful as flower centers! And you can find extras on your old shirts at the bottom! 

9. Want a pretty title? Cut out your letters from a coordinating paper. If you use a stencil, do it on the back and make sure your stencil is upside down.

10. Need a particular kind of print paper? Make it. Take plain white cardstock and find the rubber stamps that you need for the look. Layer them, overlap them, use different coordinating colors for your page, etc. 

11. Don't have any ribbon? cut a strip of patterned paper and use as a faux ribbon. Another thing you can do is crinkle it and then open it back up to give it texture. 

12. Need some quick texture? Tear it!!! 

13. Have a black and white photo that you would like to make "pop"? Use a marker to add detail and color to the areas that you would like. Don't over do it though. 

14. Create a binder to keep all your ideas and inspiration. Sometimes you just don't want to keep running back and forth to your PC to check on an idea. 
15. Don't know what to journal or what to write? Think of a song lyric, poem or quote and apply to page. I started a little book years ago (MANY years ago) of quotes just because I LOVE them :) 

16. Stumped for titles? Look around.... You'd be surprised how some things can trigger a thought or idea. 

17. Having a hard time remembering the dates of your photos? Well, on your pc, you can right click on your digital camera's image file and then you click on properties. It will then show you when it was taken. I've used this a few different times, lol

18. Want flowers but not spend alot of money? Head to the dollar store and check out the "bunches" of flowers. They're only $1.00 and you can get quite a bit of flowers! Especially the littler ones. 

19. Use a panoramic photo as a border on your layout. 

20. Scrapbooking your kids? or grandkids? Let your kids do the journaling. It will be adorable years later to look back and read. 

21. Have vacation photos? Photocopy your passport for background papers and embellishments. 

22. Don't forget to include the real you photos. The ones of you not knowing, posing, or getting ready. Scrapbooks are a reflection of ourselves. 

23. They have clear scrapbooking paint and lacquer. If not this, you can also use af, lf glue and apply a thin layer to "water" etc. to give it a realistic look. 

24. Take your scalloped scissors, cut different sized circles, crumple up and open them, and then layer them by size. Add a brad in the center, ink the edges and you have a totally neat little flower.

25. As soon as you have your photos developed, write on the back of them. This way if it takes you months before you get to scrapbook them, all your info is already on them and you won't have to try and "remember." 

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