Monday, June 20, 2011

Farewell to School Cupcake Toppers!

It is the beginning of summer, and for my kids, that ends in 3 days!!!! This Thursday is their last day. I have to admit, I love them being home for the summer. Even if we don't do anything special, I just like having them talk, listening to their little kid ideas and thoughts and sometimes even being in the same room together, drawing or painting, etc. I am SOOO looking forward to summer vacation!

Well, my son promptly reminded me as soon as he got home from school today that he would really like me to make 24 cupcakes for the last day of school. Now, I can't frost a cupcake pretty to save my life {{{trust me, they're horrible! lol}}} so I rely bigtime on cute cupcake toppers. That way all I have to do is frost them "normally" and then add the toppers to make them cute!

I created a free printable that I will be using also! I am attaching these to flat wooden toothpicks. Only on one side. Simple for the 9 year olds. I don't think they'll pay too much attention to detail, but I do want them to look festive. lol.

Here is the free printable. It looks rather large, but I want to make sure that they print the correct size for you. I have it set to print out 8 x 10.

They say "Have a Great Summer!"
Happy Baking and hope you all have a great start to the summer!!!!


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