Monday, June 6, 2011

Scrapbook Album to go please!

Where we live, in upstate NY, we have the Great Escape Amusement Park in Lake George. I have odds and ends from the summers from having season passes. First our season passes, ticket stubs from the games, etc. With my "nature" I love pictures, saving little momentos and more. What did I do with all these little things? Well, a while back, I started a ring (yes, the style that opens and closes, used for scrapbooking) album for something else. I decided that this would be great for our great escape trips. So with our last years season passes, I punched holes, and added them to the ring binder. I then saved little momentos, the map of the park and other such things. I punched holes in everything and then added them to the ring. I upcycled a piece of cardboard for the front and back, for security and stability and then scrapbooked a photo onto the front of the album. I like this idea, because with the upcoming year, I am sure that we'll have more and they'll be easy to add to our album. I was going to upload photos tonight, but blogger is having upload problems. They assure us that they'll be fixed soon, so I will follow up with photos :D 

Happy Scrapping!!!

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