Sunday, June 19, 2011

Upcycled Album Tutorial

Do you have kids? Eat alot of cereal? Well, I got an idea for those boxes rather than tossing them in the recycling bin. Not that recycling is bad, but I can make them look waaaayyyyy prettier! Check them out! I will walk you through this picture tutorial so you will know exactly what I did. Some steps I just can't photograph, but they're easy and you will know what I am talking about. Comments are always appreciated, so if you like this, let me know so I can do more! Feedback is always good..... Okay! On with the tutorial!!!! 

First cut your cardboard boxes into 5 inches by 5 inch squares like such. Then you will punch holes. I then used this as a template and marked each one. Then punched the rest of them. 

Then you are going to cut your paper that you are going to use into 5 x 5 squares

Attach the paper to one side, then punch your holes again. This way when you add paper to the second side, you will be able to punch the holes and keep them uniform. You can wait till the end and punch all the holes, but sometimes it is really hard between the paper and the cardboard to punch the holes. 

Here's all my squares, covered in paper

Some extra steps that aren't shown:
1. Add eyelets to the front and back pages for security
2. Hand age all the pages before putting together (remember the hand aging tutorial!)
3. Then you will string ribbon, twine or whatever you choose through the holes and tie off
4. Then you will add additional ribbons to your taste. I've used my hand stamped trim also! 
5. Then you will be able to flip through and add embellishments
6. It's easier to stamp on the pages BEFORE you put the album together. 

Here's my cover

 The Details up close.....

Side view of the album..... 

 First set of pages... Hand stamping and buttons with twine. 

 2nd set of pages. More stamping and a rhinestone butterfly. One of my tags too!

 The best is yet to be. In the center of the fleur de lis are glittery centers

 Paris love.... 

 Paisley and Lace

 I love skeleton keys!! 

 Flowers and Birds. Rhinestone flowers and stamped roses...

Back of the album is stamped also. I stamped lace on the edge and flowers in the center. I have created shadows with the butterflies by stamping twice. 

Happy Scrapping!!!! 

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Tina Connolly said...

Very sweet album, and so cost effective. Love the front cover.

Liz said...

Very Nice ! And I am nuts about that "Keep Calm" stamp !

Emily @SweetlyScrapped said...

Thank you Tina! And Liz, thank you too! Do you have the stamp yet? If not, Maya Road makes it! :D