Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Alice in Wonderland inspired decals...

Hi! Hope everyone is recovering well from our long holiday weekend! Fun, Food, Family and Fireworks!

I've been seeing alot of these labels forever and I have also came across some new fonts, so I just had to play :) And I did. The first thing I thought of were the Alice in Wonderland inspired labels. Then for fun, and totally off topic, I created a Toxic one :) 

So here are the Alice in Wonderland inspired decals. I was also thinking that these would be great for cupcake toppers too, or party picks. Add them to sandwiches, etc. 

Right click and choose "save as" 

And like I said, just for fun, here's the other one..... 

I really love the way this one came out and the background! Totally cool! I love that font! And it's something that's really neat and unique, but I think it may be limited. It isn't something that is very versatile. You would have to use it for special things :) Like this label for example. 

An example of these made into party picks. I guess I should've used the eat me for this example, lol. Not sure how these would work in a drink! lol

And here are two sheets, if you'd rather download sheets rather than a single :) 
Drink me sheet HERE
Eat me sheet HERE


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strawberryparfait said...

Hello there. I used these labels today, thank you so much!! :)