Saturday, July 23, 2011

Coupons for Michael's Craft Store! Woot! Woot!

Usually summers here in NY are tolerable, but with this heatwave, I'm not quite sure how I am making it, lol. I keep reminding myself that we have soldiers that have and still are fighting for our freedom in 110 degrees, with full gear, carrying more gear so I tend not to whine so much. It almost feels ungrateful, but at the same time it's hot and thank you for fighting for our freedom so I can write this! Okay, enough of the heat and whining, lol, I found an excuse to get some air conditioning! Coupons for Michael's. We don't have an AC because I apparently thought we could make it without one because it usually isn't so bad and because my kids have a bad habit of not turning off the lights so our electric bill is already "up there". Next year, we are getting one. A small one, close off the room and at least we'll have one cold haven to run to :) We may all have to camp out a night or two during the summer, but that's always fun and the kids are growing so fast, so why not!?! `Here's the coupons in case you don't have an AC you can run there tomorrow! lol! 

Sending cool thoughts your way if you need them!

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