Sunday, July 17, 2011

Good morning! Today I seem to be off to a better start. Yesterday was saturday and I kind of trailed behind everything that I was going to do. Errands, photo samples to clients and just everything. I decided to take the WHOLE family grocery shopping thinking that it would be easier, and have some help but we came home with not the usual stuff. Ya know, that important stuff?! lol. So I am sure I'll be making a trip one day while they're all gone- ha ha! And then they're all talking to you so you lose track of where you are and what you still need to get. I actually missed a WHOLE aisle! I've never done that before. I shop up one aisle and down the next until the end. It's easier for me :D Well, speaking of shopping here are this weeks coupons.....

And Michaels has TONS! :) 

And here's the weekly inspiration. Thanks to Pinterest! And if you're on pinterest, you can come join me and see my Pinterest boards.

 You can find these printable cupcake wraps at Images By Heather

PicTutorial_3 At Studio Calico, they have these neat little picks! I love making them and they're alot of fun to do! However, I've never seen doing it this way. I usually hand cut mind, but this really opens the door as far as creativity goes.

And here's my personal inspiration this week.... I am definitely inspired to make these corner bookmarks found over at kr creations!
Aren't they just the cutest little bookmarks?! I love the style of them hanging on the corner like this. And they look a touch simpler than those triangle kind.

Image #140218And I just love the look of these brown paper bags with the doilies on top and the stamped bird. I LOVE birdie stamps :) We all know this, huh?! If you'd like to check out these gorgeous altered bags from, you can go to to Style Me Pretty and see them :)

THIS IS ORIGAMI! How awesome is this! I absolutely LOVE it. I haven't tried origami, but this could definitely get me to try! lol.... You can find this Herm├Ęs Kelly Bag origami download here at contentinacottage :) 

 Over at Grey Luster Girl, she has made this AWESOME star out of a cereal box! And I love this because my whole livingroom (and slowly stemming to the rest of the house, lol) is being taken over by stars :) Now I can save some money and make my own! haha! :) So head over and check out these handmade barn stars that are 3 dimensional

And here's what I made this week with my own inspiration from a catalog..... Did you ever hear of the magazing Crow's Nest?  I love their stuff. A little too pricey for my budget, but cool anyways :) Good thing I am creative and can make alot of it. Or at least a close second, lol. So I created these hang tags  with this cross from Crow's Nest in mind. And this cross from Crow's Nest as well. First are my hang tags, and next is the cross and stand. Each picture is linked/clickable, so feel free if you'd like :) 
Vintage Inspired Cross in Teal with Hand Aging

If you would like me to feature one of your items in next weeks roundup, let me know! I'd love to ;)


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