Monday, July 18, 2011

Humorous Handmade By Labels

Well, I am in a silly mood right now, and I warn you, I have the dorkiest sense of humor! So I decided to make some funny and silly "handmade by" labels. They have funny little sayings, nothing offensive, just goofy :) I personally like the voodoo doll one that I made, and of course you have to have the "no regifting" one to complete a handmade by collection. I have created these with personal use in mind. I really would like these items to stay free. If you do share anywhere, that's fine. Can you let me know?! I'd love to see :) Just leave a quick note in the comments :) Maybe I will check out your blog and find myself loving it too!

Here are the {free} printable handmade by labels.....

Click on image to download. Right click and choose save as

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