Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Printing out embellishments - Check your printer settings

Hi! Well, I am not a pro by any means, as far as setting my printer, etc. to get the best quality. I did however waste a little ink and some time to figure out what works best for my printer. I have a typical canon, midgrade, nothing super special. It's special to me though because I couldn't imagine not having it. Most people do not have a super duty special printer, so I figured this post would be helpful. HOPEFULLY, lol.

I will show you images of my settings, that work for me, so when you open your settings, you can compare. If you're really having a hard time, you can try copying my settings, if they don't work play around with one at a time before you figure it out. When you do find the setting that works for you, make sure you click at the bottom left "Always print with these settings."

Here is what I changed, for my printer.....
I changed it to business document

I then changed media type (bottom left) to "Photo paper plus semi gloss" - I chose this because of the cardstock. Cardstock can sometimes have a smooth, matte or sheen to it. 

I clicked "custom" on this, because you can go in and change the settings. 
You can change the saturation, etc. Just remember, the more saturation that you use, the more ink you will use. If you can, try to use the least amount, that way you don't use a ton of ink. That can get really pricey. 

I didn't change anything on this page

And I didn't change anything on this page either. 

I did all this based on the tutorial that they have at Canon. I troubleshooted why my stuff was coming out "pixelated" or "blurry." 

I don't know everything, or even a whole bunch, but I have dabbled, so if you have any questions, let me know. I may  be able to answer it or at least find a place where you can find out :) 


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