Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spending time with your kids....

Well, as sad as it may be, we're pushing towards the end of summer. My kids are already talking about school starting and how much more they want to cram in the last few weeks. They had a summer off, to play, have fun, explore and talk about their ideas. Now it's time to interview them. See what they've learned, any new opinions, favorites and more. Then I will do this every year afterwards to see what's changed, what's remained the same, and maybe have quite the giggle in 20 years. I know on the chore option, it will definitely be dishes for my daughter and we haven't done ours yet, lol.

So here is the printable interview for you and your kid or kids.... Have fun! If you get any funny or cute answers, feel free to share here! Click on image to open in a new window or tab, and then right click and choose "save as". This is saved at 8.5 x 11, perfect for a standard sheet of printing paper or cardstock.

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