Saturday, October 1, 2011

Printable Ingredient Cards

Hi everyone! Busy busy busy today getting stuff done. Mostly the kids bedrooms! Fun Fun! lol. We're packing up summer, hesitantly and in denial about it, lol. Anyways, I recently made a freebie for someone, and I thought I would share with all of you too! Feel free to print, share, etc. Have a great saturday! If noone hears from me in a day or so, please check my son's closet! LOL -Thanks :D

The first one is a just the single tag... There is no border, making this great so you can cut it to any size that you may need!

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and here is an 8 x 10 printable, a full sheet in case you want more than one :D 

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mystic_fairy42 said...

Love these ingredient cards! Congrats on 1000 hope I win!
Debra Gergely