Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Free Printable Christmas Cards... Add your own text and photo too!

Good morning!!! Busy Busy Busy day here! Which is okay :) I like busy.... So today I have a few printable christmas cards... they are saved at 300dpi png format, and you can add your own text in the center, or a photo. I have included one with my kids to show you for an example.... Hope you enjoy :)

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Shannon said...

Thank you! I love them! Only problem is...I don't know how to use them! I can right click and "save as" but after that I'm at a loss! I just discovered your site and I'm loving all the free printables, but I'm not that tech savvy when it comes to printing them. Do you have "Directions for Dummies" somewhere on your site or can you recommend some basic instructions on another website?
thanks! Shannon

Hearts Turned said...

Hi, Emily! I've been a follower for a while, but haven't visited much...life's crazy, right?!

Just started a new journey into Art Journalling & re-discovered you...can't thank you ENOUGH for all the beautiful tags, etc. for journalling that I've found here today! I'll be using them all...thanks so much!

I'll be following along on Pinterest, as well...my favorite addiction since this summer when my daughter got me hooked...love it!

Hope you're having a beautiful day...I'll be back MUCH more often!

Julie--A Vintage Chic

paperpapier said...

thank you so much! Love them all!
Heaney xx

Red Rose said...

These are really nice. Thank you for sharing! New fan here and would love a follow back at: