Tuesday, December 6, 2011

42 Ways to use tags

Different ways to use tags...

1. Awesome and special gift wrap! 
2. Journaling on a scrapbook layout
3. Tuck behind a photo for hidden journaling
4. Price Tags
5. String a few together to make garland, or tie a couple to twine to create a garland
6. Add to the front of a card as a background
7. Add to a card for a focal piece
8. Label bins in pantry, storange, cupboards, bins, etc. 
9. Label Jars
10. Table Setting
11. Use instead of placecards
12. Tie to napkin rings
13. Add to wreaths
14. Stick to your inspiration board for ideas
15. Wedding Wish Trees
16. Hang from a bottle of wine
17. Give a set as a hostess gift
18. Customer appreciation tags
19. Use in place of business cards
20. Favor Bags
21. Baby Showers
22. Scrapbook embellishments
23. Tie to baskets
24. Tie a bunch together and make a mini album
25. Add photos to them and make a collage
26. Add a photo to the tag, string with some different ribbons and frame
27. Wrap around a candy bar
28. Tie onto Lollipops
29. Wrap around a stack of books for decoration
30. Tie around electrical cords so you can see which cord goes with what
31. Tie onto a plant to label what kind of plant it is or care instructions for that plant
32. Tie to your garment to label care instructions, materials, etc. 
33. Do you make handmade body care? Use for your ingredients
34. Gifts in a jar? why not use tags to label ingredients, directions, etc. 
35. Tie onto a doorknob
36. Spray with your favorite perfume and hang in your car
37. Fold the bottom up a little bit, to make a pocket and stick a gift card inside. Then you can put it inside a card or envelope too if you'd like!

38. Use as ornaments on a tree
39. Write down all the things you are thankful for.... do this any day or even on Thanksgiving
40. Bookmark
41. Make your own rolodex
42. Tie onto straws/tape onto straws

Looking for some visual stimulation?! Well, after I wrote this list out I decided to find a few people who have the right idea! Here are some below.... they link to their page too :)

   Pinned Image  Tags, tags and more tags   Pinned Image Pinned Image Pinned ImagePinned Image   Pinned Image

Now how about some free printable tags..... You know I share some.... But check a few of these beauties out too! Click on photo to go and download.....

Pinned Image  Pinned Image  Pinned Image
Pinned Image  Free printable tags. free printable tags

Pinned ImagePinned Image

Pinned ImagePinned ImagePinned ImagePinned ImagePinned ImagePinned ImagePinned ImagePinned ImagePinned ImagePinned ImageFree printable gift tagsFree printable holiday tagsfree printable doily tags

Okay.... there are a few to get you started....

Happy Day! XOXO

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Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for the ideas and the freebies! Love it! :)

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Awesome tags. Thanks!

Nichole said...

Love your blog