Friday, January 6, 2012

Freebie Frames for Etsy and Blog Photos

Hi there! I was going through my photos last night and realized that my whole "getting creative" with backdrops on one set of photos weren't doing so hot. I didn't like them anymore so I decided to add a frame, some text, etc. to take away from the photo. lol. So in turn I decided that I'd like to have a few on hand to dress up my blog posts maybe or for future photos in general.... They all have transparent backgrounds, so you'll only have to worry about layering your photos underneath... I imagine that you could even use these for digi scrapbooking too! Okay, here is an example of one that I used....

 Teal Floral Heart Tags - Stamped, Shabby Chic, Cream Twine

And here are some freebies for you.... 

Black and White Gingham with Grey and Yellow Bunting
White label in the Center

Layered Diamond Prints, Banner Across the bottom and some stitching

This reminds me of "Cherry Cordial" -  Chocolate Brown with Light Pink Cream

Black and White Damask Print.... Banners...

Elegant Blue Background with Blue & Blueish-Grey Buntings

Blue Florals, Pearls and Butterflies.... Tab to the right in case you'd like to add text.... 

Elegant Brown with Buntings

Elegant Blue with Shades of Blue Buntings

Elegant Cream and Pennants

Teal Gingham with Teal and Light Blue Buntings

Nice Simple Brown Frame... Layered Papers

Greens and Teals Polka... Graph Paper Starbursts... White Label

Classic Black and White with a Label Underneath

Greens, Pinks, Stars and Brackets

Polka dots, Blacks and a Pretty Butterfly Embellishment... Scalloped Border on the Bottom

Blue Polka.... Four Square

Pink Polka.... Four Square

Cream and Green Distressed Polka... Four Square

Teal and Orange.... Two upcoming "Trendy" colors.... One with a shadow and one without

Have fun!! I really enjoyed making these! I am thinking that I'll end up making a few more after I package up my orders for the day. I made these this morning with my coffee.... 
Feel Free to Share :) CU/PU Allowed


1CardCreator said...

Thank you for the frames they look fabulous!

Emily @SweetlyScrapped said...

Thank you so much!!! They're a little addictive too! I'm trying to get everything done so I can make some more! LOL - Hope you can find one you can use :)

Mailee said...

Thanks! Love the Damask.

Humble Beginnings said...

I was wondering if anyone can post a link to a tutorial to show how to use these kinds of frames! I am sooo computer illiterate when it comes to doing stuff with photos etc.