Thursday, March 21, 2013

Print and Frame Collage

Today I have a free printable collage. It measures 8.5 x 11 and it's 350DPI. I also have two versions of it. I have the first one, which is the original one that I created and saved and the other one is lighter because when you print, some things have a tendency to darken too much.... So it may look "too" light, but when you print it won't be.... Everyone's printer is different along with their settings which is why I am offering two versions. And if you want, at the bottom, are two little "Swatches" which you can test print for color.... This would even make beautiful paper for scrapbooking!

Click Right On Image  OR
Click HERE to open in a new window and then right click and choose "Save As"

And then here is the brighter one... 

Click right on the picture or HERE for the brighter one

And then here are the swatches for a test print... 

First the darker one

And then the lighter swatch

Hope you like it! :)


Unknown said...

Wonderful Collage! I love the different elements you put together. Where do you find them all??

Happy Crafting

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing cant wait to get my printer..............

Dawnll said...

Was popping bin to say Hello, and then I see these beautiful freebies. Thanks so much for sharing
Hope your doing well sweet friend.

Unknown said...

Wow, these are beautiful. I would love to be able to create altered art like this, it's a gift to know what to put together, many thanks for sharing.
Kind regards
Jo x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks so much.

Ellen said...

Wowwww Emily, AWESOME!! Thank you so much!

Hugs and have a nice weekend,

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Lovely as usual Emily. I think they'd look nice printed out and embellished with all kinds of glitz. ~ Abby

BitterSweetCupCakeQueem said...

I cannot say that I have been into the whole blogging world for a long time; what I can say, however, is that for the past 3-4 months, I've been spending over 7 hours a day on both pinterest and blogs, I am literally having a nervous breakdown because there are soooo many things to do and so little time!
My point is, I've went through AND bookmarked a minimum of 80+ blogs and yours, Emily, is the most generous and touching blog I've ever went through.
Seriously woman, YOU ARE AMAZING!! Not only are you super talented, polite and sweet, but you are also oh-so-generous!! I cannot believe how much free stuff you offer your fans/blog visitors! You're adorable!
So just want to send you positive vibes and virtual hugs all the way from the Middle East (Beirut, Lebanon-to be precise).
I am so freakin excited that I'm sweating glitter, got so much I want to do (NEED TO DO, actually lol), so little time and here in Lebanon there are no craft stores. Only libraries who happen to have a few things, mainly for kids. And I cannot buy anything online because they either do not ship all the way to the Middle freakin East, or if they do, the shipping fees cost at least, 100 USD (if the items are not heavy!) So yeah, I'm not as blessed as you guys are.
Sorry for the long message, I'm just overwhelmed and needed to let it out. lol
Happy Creating,