Thursday, April 21, 2011

Did you hear of EtsyCouponCode?

Well, I've been seeing this around, and I finally took some time to check it out.... I am definitely passing this onto you all because it's worth it (and my retweeting, SU, and Tumblr). 

First of all the website is called EtsyCouponCode... I think the title is pretty self explanatory (which I like) but in case you don't know, it's for coupons---- Just for ETSY

So not only do I think this is worth passing on, I've also tested it out. My page, with my own coupon codes are here.... HERE

There's a HUGE category section, so nomatter what you LOVE to buy, you can definitely find a coupon here. I hope you enjoy and shop shop shop! Just passing around the handmade love. 
Below you can find a list of their categories! See, I told you there were alot!



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