Friday, April 8, 2011

New Tags in the Shop & Watercolor Technique!

New Technique

Well, I finally tried the whole new technique about painting with the distressing inks! However, I started small & only colored in the carrots! I like it though, it's easy and I will be applying this to more projects VERY soon! I am doing this blogpost to show my tags, but I figured I will tell you the process. If you would like a photo tutorial, I would be more than happy to create one for you! Just let me know :) 

What you do is very simple...... 
First let's gather our supplies...

☑1. Small paintbrush (or those fancy li'l waterbrushes! lol)
☑2. Acrylic block
☑3. Distressing inks (Holtz kinds, etc)
☑4. Little bowl/dish of water
☑5. Paper towel or dish towel you can throw in the washer

Simple, right?!


Here's the process as follows....

☑1. Take your ink pad and dab it onto your acrylic block, 4 or 5 times should be good to start

☑2. Take your paintbrush, dip it in the water, and tap off the excess OR lightly blot it onto the paper towel. You do want a little bit of water... same as if you were actually painting with real watercolors. 

☑3. Dip it onto the ink that you have waiting on the acrylic block

☑4.. PAINT! :) 

See, pretty simple and it gives it such a nice look! 

Here's the photos of my carrot tags that I've just listed on etsy tonight..... 

                 Yummy CARROT Hang Tags Stamped & Watercolor

Happy Scrappin', Craftin' & Rubberstampin',

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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