Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekly roundup of Coupons, Sales & Inspiration

Well, I've been looking and reading all morning, and if I didn't have other things to do today, I would SOOOO be going shopping! lol..... But I will pass them along to you (I am sure I will sneak a trip in here soon!)

First, I came across Joann's having their sale on cricuit cartridges. They're on sale till April 16th and they're only 18.99!!!!! That's even better than some ebay prices! 
  • Birthday Cakes
  • Dinosaur Tracks
  • Disney Dreams Come True
  • Disney Winnie the Pooh
  • Holiday Cakes
  • My World
  • Nursery Rhymes 
  • Opposites Attract
  • Robotz

Well, I personally, am off to do a bit of laundry then I will be sitting at my table for a little while! It's a beautiful day here in upstate NY, so I will most likely head outside for a little bit with the kids to enjoy it! They've been far and few between here. I thought winter was never going to end! from what I hear, it's been like that in alot of places.....


Another list of great little places to check out for ideas and inspiration today (for me at least).....

♛Two Peas in a Bucket has me wanting to craft some things up with this post....

Day Ten of Stamping & Cardmaking


♛Free Subway Art printable from Therapeutic Crafting! Adorable!


♛A.C. moore weekly catalog:


♛Michael's has some brush cleaning tutorials (I should rewatch this. My brushes never seem to come as clean as I want them, ya know, like new!lol )


Happy Scrappin', Craftin' & Rubberstampin'!
Emily ♛


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this!

Emily @SweetlyScrapped said...

You're welcome! I just had to find a coupon that you could use too! :)