Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's day! 

I hope everyone is who is a mother, grandmother, stepmother, future mother and more are having a wonderful day today! 

It's also my daughter's birthday today!!! My BABY is 9 today! She is quite the spunky and smart little chick too! She is me through and through and sometimes it amazes me. 

As a Mom, you don't realize all that we do. We go about our days and do what we do because we pretty much have to. We don't give things much thought. Kids need this, we need to clean that, etc We just do it. It isn't until Mother's day (even for us) that we realize as the kids are talking about why they love us what we really do. And how it's the small things too! Like simply making sure you tuck their blankets under their chin at night. And it's amazing how these little humans are utterly dependent on us. So today, I am reflecting on the fact that I may not be the perfect Mom (at all times, lol) but I try so hard and love my kids more than anything in this world. The unconditional love for your children is something beyond words. 

So today I am going to:
--hug and kiss my kids extra all day and annoy them.
--Thank god that they're healthy and pray for the ones who aren't.
--Remember how lucky I am to wake up to them another day.
--Realize that I am creating the future and try my hardest. 
--and remember that those messes are going to be missed one day. 

And onto a happy photo! My little (she's 9 now, but she still stands up to my shoulder and I'm 5'8''- lol) Mrs.Stealing Mom's Clothes already Mackenzie. 

Happy Mother's Day...
Happy Birthday...
And take pictures today so you can have some 
Happy Scrappin' time! 

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