Saturday, May 7, 2011

My kids, Mother's Day and Tags

Hello! Happy Saturday! For the Mom's and Mommy's out there--- AND Grandma's, I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! 

Today is saturday, so it is still laundry day for me, lol. TOMORROW isn't going to be my day either because it's my daughter's 9th birthday! So being so small and birthday's so special (I don't get excited anymore. I turned 30, lol) I am making the day all about her! To give you an idea... She's silly and sweet! 

Silly Face!!!
We had movie night at home, she's hanging out on the floor! 

Cheer!!! She's the one BEAMING at my camera! lol

And because it is Mother's Day weekend, I cannot forget my little man! 

Driving home in the truck :)
Upstate NY in the winter

getting ready to go out and play! Nice pose there DJ :)

If you are sharing photos of your loved ones and would like to share, post it in the comments! 

And I can't leave you without something creative....

I Want to REMEMBER Green Tags - Ivory Satin Ties

There are 6 of these simple but sweet tags that measure just about 2 inches by the same. They are stamped on a light green cardstock and the stamping is done in a dark green. At the top there are holes punched and I've added white ivory satin ribbon to the tops.  on etsy.



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