Thursday, February 23, 2012

The beginnings of a jewelry box turned into Memory Altered Album

Well as I was was saying on facebook, I hustled to get all orders out so I can play around a little bit. I am happy and blessed to have so many customers and orders but I really had to start this project too, so all it took was a little time management :) 

I will be posting photos along the way, as I go, with updates and I will do this until I am finished! I painted the inside of this jewelry box, the "velvet" with a teal or aqua shade of blue. I have watered down the paint making the fabric still soft to the touch. It works great making the fabric soft to the touch still, without having that hard paint feel. The only "downfall" is if you're an impatient crafter like me and can NOT wait for things to dry, lol. 

Here is my (well made) but older jewelry box, found at a yard sale 2 summers ago!! It's been dying to be part of a project and I have been waiting for the right one. This is definitely it! I think I paid 50 cents for it! LOL.

For the paint mixture, this is what I did.... 

Mixed 1 part paint to 1 part water. I think I even added just a touch bit more water, to make it more of a watercolor. This keeps the fabric soft to the touch, while still being colored. It's like creating almost of a stain. 

I look forward to posting more photos!!! 



Dawnll said...

I look forward to it also
I just love altering things and this is perfect

Crafty Loops said...

Ohhhhh what a great project, I cant wait to see how it progresses. Lee x

Lydia Madara said...

Hi Emily! I am watching this project very closely as I have an older jewelry box very similar to yours(I've had it since high school), plus I have a more simpler one that was my mother's many years ago. I am a little worried about painting the fabric, what kind of paint did you use:):) Lydia